Can't use Monzo with Pocketsmith (no Yodlee support)

Hi there, I’m new on Monzo and just received my card. I was just about to switch my current account completely, but first had the prudence to check whether my account could be added to PocketSmith and I couldn’t find Monzo available. They use an account aggregator called Yodlee, which looks like Monzo doesn’t support?

This is a deal breaker for me. Could you confirm if there are any near term plans to support Yodlee, please?

Kind Regards, Simon

Welcome to the community!

I would say its probably for PocketSmith or Yodlee to add support for Monzo rather than the other way round. Monzo provide read-only API access to FCA-authorised AISPs.

It might be the case that PocketSmith or Yodlee have not bothered trying to integrate Monzo. Or perhaps they asked Monzo for access but have been refused if they don’t have FCA authorisation for AISP activities.

There are a number of authorised account aggregators that do support Monzo, e.g. Emma, Yolt, MoneyHub, Money Dashboard.


Hi Simon, I hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your post to its own thread. Hopefully it’ll get more attention that way!

On your question, I’m not Monzo staff but I think @o99 is right - either Pocketsmith or Yodlee need to integrate with Monzo directly using the Monzo API. I know Monzo give support to onboarding partners, so if they’re approached by one of them I’m sure they’ll do their best to help.

(Side question, I haven’t heard of Pocketsmith. What do you use it for?)


PocketSmith is a personal finance manager which can aggregate data from lots of accounts and provide an overview, along with budgeting tools. It has a similar purpose to other tools like Moneydance and MoneyWiz.

PocketSmith uses Yodlee to do the hard work of connecting to all the different banks, so previous comments see are right that Yodlee would need to support Monzo. Hopefully they’ll be looking into that given the growth rate of Monzo! Though sadly I don’t know of a way to make a feature request directly to Yodlee. :frowning: