Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A

Great idea though +1

Finance apps getting a lot of love on the iOS App Store today.

Emma is App of the day today! :partying_face:



Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

You guys using Nexmo instead of Facebook yet?

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Is search an Android-only feature?
I’m on iOS and can’t find it.

It’s top right on the accounts screen for me on Android. Not the most obvious place for it…

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Thanks, found it now. It’s in the same place in iOS.

Yes - I would also say that’s not an obvious place for it.
I expected it to be on the All Transactions page.

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Does anyone else face a similar problem with subscriptions? My Chip savings have been classified as two separate subscriotions (when they should be combined).

Hey Grant, we got back to you in chat. The reference and payment system changed. :slight_smile:

ps: We are launching a Chip integration very very very soon.


Free Emma Pro on Twitter: https://twitter.com/emma_finance/status/1105438496704090113

For those interested, we are doing a giveaway for Emma Pro. If you make 3 friends join, we’ll give you 1 Year of Emma Pro. This is available till the end of the month. :slight_smile:

Make? :flushed:




Zorry, no speak englizhs wery wery well. Italian, pizza, pasta, mandolino and Berlusconi.


How soon is soon?

Just trying out Chip 2.0

I haven’t come across Salt Edge before - and looking at their website, I’m still not sure what they do.

What do people use them for?

Think they do screen scraping that allows viewing of accounts with an aisp

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