Evestor app doesn't recognise MONZO as a bank


I have the evestor app for investments and have linked all my accounts i.e savings account and current account but when i tried to link my MONZO account it doesn’t list MONZO as one of the banks?

I guess thats does to them not you per say…


Hey Amanda :wave:

Yeah, it’ll be down to Evestor to implement that functionality.

I believe Monzo make all their integration details available (which is why you can see them in Yolt and Emma for example), so it’ll be up to Evestor to work on the integration.

Ok thanks Nick, if only they had a forum like this to tell them. :thinking:

@Amanda Can you expand on what you mean by linking your accounts?

Do you mean just for payment/money transfer purposes or does evestor provide account aggregation services (where you see bank transactions in the evestor app)?

I’ve never used them but I know you can link it to Freetrade so can’t see why it’s an issue. Can you manually add it by sort code?

Yes account aggregation

Is there a web-page for their account aggregation service?
I can’t find it on their website.

Gosh, i wouldn’t know - I’m doing all this on their app

No worries. Just taken a look at their app store page and can see some info there

To add to what Nick said earlier, point them to this Monzo blog post

However I suspect (but don’t know for sure) Monzo will need them to be registered as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) to grant them access to the Monzo API.

Neither Evestor nor their parent company (OpenMoney Adviser Services Ltd) appear to be registered as an AISP

So helpful, thank you!