Integration with MoneyWiz

For better managing my finances, budgeting and for an overview of my accounts, I use MoneyWiz. MoneyWiz integrates with a large number of banks such as N26, Chase, and others. Ideally, I would like to see an integration with Monzo.

Monzo provide a way for 3rd parties to integrate Monzo accounts into their applications. But my understanding is the 3rd party needs to be an FCA-authorised account information service provider for Monzo to grant access. As far as I can tell, MoneyWiz does not have such FCA authorisation.

I would suggest you point the MoneyWiz developers here

Just to clear things up a little; Moneywiz will not integrate with Monzo, or any other bank.

Moneywiz integrates with financial aggregators, specifically Saltedge and Yodlee, it is those financial aggregators that integrate with banks using the provided API’s.

Given that Saltedge, in the UK, has 60 live banking api connections available with the big high street names (including Starling) I cannot imagine a scenario where it wouldn’t be able to integrate with Monzo. However, the integrations are built based on the number of people requesting it. You can go to and request Monzo to be integrated, from their you’ll just have to wait.

My understanding is MoneyWiz world still need to have the appropriate level of FCA authorisation for Monzo to approve a connection from them, even if the connection is facilitated by an FCA-authorised intermediary.

I can understand the thought process there, but I don’t think that will be required.