Cant get a monzo loan

So i don’t need a loan but i was just playing about on the app, it says im not eligible for a Monzo loan because my credit score is too low. Every credit checker app i have says my credit is excellent including credit karma…what am i missing?

Like a lot of other lenders it’s not just your credit score that is used to determine eligibility. They often have other criteria that they use along with it.

That being said. Monzo is new to lending so they’re much stricter on how much and to whom they will lend, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. Just keep checking the app and I believe you’ll be notified when you’re eligible :slight_smile:

It says it hasnt even looked at the other factors because of the credit score :joy:

Like I said. They’re overly cautious about lending currently as they don’t have lots of capital to take risks like other more established providers. I wouldn’t worry about it, Monzo will get there and they will then be able to make offers to most people :slight_smile:


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