Cannot offer loan?

Hi guys, I just happened to tap on the ‘we’re offering loans’ link there when I saw it pop up. I’m not actually looking for one but just wanted to see what it said out of curiosity since the initial page doesn’t impact your credit score. I entered my details and it said Monzo couldn’t offer me one. I’m just a bit confused and wondering if I should be concerned?

I’ve never had any previous lending issues, I’m a home owner, my credit score is excellent. Just found it a bit odd that it said no ‘based on my circumstances’, when my circumstances aren’t bad…

Monzo are a very, very conservative lender at present so don’t be surprised.

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Monzo customers have around £7.5 billion worth of unsecured lending (excluding mortgage and student loans) of which Monzo are providing only £36 million

Over the next six to nine months this should accelerate up to £120 million, but that is still pretty small by comparison to other lenders