Loan eligibility

So, im not eligible for a loan because monzo are working on gradually rolling out loans to everybody, but i wws previously eligible.

Now, i dont want a loan, but im intrigued as to why I was but now im not.

I did recently take out a loan with my wife from santander and today i got my credit report update from MSE, if thats the reason why im not currently eligible it would make sense, but its strange to read that its because they arent yet rolled out to everyone when i was previously eligible

Nobody on here can tell you why, nore does anyone know what Monzo checks for when determining eligibility.

You’d need to contact Monzo through the in app support but if you don’t want a loan it’s probably better that you leave it until you need one. They might have rolled them out fully by then and ironed out the kinks too :slight_smile:


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