Can't delete empty pot

(Robert Pop) #1


It seems I’ve got stuck with this empty pot and I can’t delete it.

See screenshots below (click to enlarge)

Is this a bug other have been experiencing as well?

(Mickey Day) #2

Hey @robertpop, Mickey here from Monzo :wave:t2:

Really sorry about that, it’s a pesky little bug that we’re aware of and trying to get to the bottom of for everyone asap💨

At the moment, if you uninstall and reinstall the app, this appears to remove the phantom Pot :honey_pot:

Sorry again for the frustration with this. If you have any further issues, please do reach out to us in the app and we can look into this a little closer for you :smiley:

(Robert Pop) #3

As always, thanks for your quick reply and for clarifying this.

Also thanks for looking into this bug.


(Anthony) #4

Hi Robert :slight_smile: Your post has showed me that on Android we have different fonts! What kinda phone do you have? I prefer your font style over mine, does anyone know how we can change the font? I have a Fairphone running LineageOS / Android 7:

(Chun Mak) #5

I’m having some trouble with a pot. It doesn’t want to go away.



If you use Search you will find this has been reported before

(Robert Pop) #7

Hi! I have an LG G6 and am an avid LG G series supporter. My phone allows me to change the font and font-size eaisly and offers a lot more customization than this. So it’s not related to Android.

(Edward) #8

Any news on exorcising the phantom pot without using the “nuke the site from orbit” option?

(Hugh Wells) #9

I believe this is coming in an update soon, I will go and check for you :slight_smile: