[Android] Updating Pot with Emoji in Name Crashes App

If I go to a pot, change it (the name, the goal amount etc) then save the changes,then app crashes.

I’ve just had the new Account screen layout enabled if that is relevant at all.

Edit: This only seems to be an issue with pots that have emojis in the name. Pots without update without an app crash.

OS: Android 8.0.0
Device: LG G6
App Version: 2.36.1

Just tried it on mine and it didn’t crash.

Perhaps a quick removal and reinstall of the app with fix it?

Didn’t help - I just did a little more testing and it seems to only happen to pots with emojis in the name (yes, I’m one of those people!)

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Ahhh that sucks :-1:

I just tried adding an emoji to one of my pot titles and it didn’t crash. I didn’t have an emoji in there originally (before the layout update), so perhaps that’s where the issue lies?

Does your app crash if you create a new pot with an emoji in its name then try to edit that pot?


I can create a pot with an emoji, edit that pot and delete it with no app crashes.

It seems to be isolated to pots I already have created.

Edit: I also tried deleting all emoji from an existing pot and saved it, this caused a crash. Opening the app and editing the (now emoji-less pot) and saving it still caused a crash.

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We’re narrowing down the issue :sunglasses: This is great and should help Monzo reproduce and fix it a lot quicker.

I spoke to cops this morning about what sounds like this bug. They said they’re aware and fixing it in the next few days :+1: