Can't authorize payments with fingerprint scanner

I don’t understand why I need to enter my pin to send payments. Really don’t like having to enter my bank pin everytime I pay someone, when using fingerprint for security would be perfectly secure. I’m having to either hide the screen or enter my pin in front of people.

Why do we need to enter the card pin to send payments. I’m having to hide my screen or enter my pin in front of people. I don’t understand why using my fingerprint to authorize it would be perfectly secure and not risk other knowing my secret bank pin

I can do exactly this.

Go to account - profile - settings - use fingerprint for authorisation.

That’s Android so may be different on iOS

You can turn on fingerprint payments in settings. On iOS at least, not sure about android

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Hi @Topden I’ve merged your duplicate posts to the feedback thread.

For me I usually get the fingerprint option on iOS, have you confirmed it’s enabled in your app settings?


Thanks guys, it was in my settings. I had it turned on previously but it must’ve turned off with an update :+1: