Explain 'Use fingerprint for authentication'


It would be useful to explain in the app what ‘Use fingerprint for authentication’ means exactly, or rename it to ‘Use fingerprint to pay people’ or something clearer.


Not really sure why you feel that isn’t clear, it means exactly what it says. You use your fingerprint to authenticate something, correct use of English really.


Well, it appears in a list of options that includes “Use fingerprint to unlock app”, which is another type of authentication. It doesn’t explain why it is authenticating.

Monzo’s Tone of Voice guide says “swap formal words for normal ones”. I think “authentication” would be classed as a “formal word”.

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Well to unlock the app it requires authentication which is either a password or a fingerprint. I don’t understand why the use of the word has you confused?


Sorry if I was not clear, but this option has nothing to do with unlocking the app. (If you find it confusing, I guess that would validate my feedback - it is confusing.)

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It’s one of the uses of authentication. I added the example above to simplify what the word authentication is used in that context for.


There are two options in the app:

  • Use fingerprint to unlock app
  • Use fingerprint for authentication

The word “authentication” in Monzo’s case does not mean “unlock app”, and vice-versa, hence my feedback.

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For the second point that could be for sending money or setting up a new payee or for viewing your PIN. (Monzo decided to do the above the most user unfriendly way they possibly could but I digress.)


There lies the problem, to you the word authentication isn’t normal, but I have a feeling to most people it is very normal, I come across it daily in many apps.


I am a software engineer so I come across the term “authentication” plenty. My objection here is not that I don’t understand the term, but that it is ambiguous in this context, as has been demonstrated in this thread. Already it has been assumed by another user that “to unlock the app it requires authentication”, but this is not the case.


I’m not sure how else you would describe it? It’s not just used to pay people as mentioned above, it’s also used for 3D secure and probably a few other things I’ve not come across yet.

I think having it next to ‘Fingerprint to unlock’ is probably enough as the user can distinguish between the two.


If you go through the ID and video, and have fingerprint enabled, you should be able to use fingerprint on your next retrieval.

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Urgh please read reply number 5.


I think the issue with this, is that you can also use your fingerprint for authenticating things other than payments (eg: changing your address, PIN reminders etc…). So to have a separate “Use fingerprint to pay people” toggle, Monzo would have to differentiate between authorising to pay people and authorising to change personal details (which I don’t think is a terrible idea). I’m not sure this is what you’re suggesting though.

I agree that just the phase “Use fingerprint for authentication” is confusing because it doesn’t explain what you’re agreeing to authenticate using your fingerprint.

I think this could easily be solved by having one of those small question marks after “Use fingerprint for authentication” which would bring up a notification that, when pressed, says something like: "Use your fingerprint to approve payments, change personal details and get PIN reminders."

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Thanks awjdean for your reply. I came to this thread because I didn’t know what the difference was between those two options. I read all the other (somewhat passive aggressive) responses and was none the wiser. (Apologies to the other responders for my intelligence)

A little question mark next to each describing what each option does would be great!


I know this is an old thread, but I was looking for the same answer. I found this which should help. It seems to be for when you’re sending payments to people. Instead of using the pin, you use your fingerprint