Can't add member to business account

My business partner is trying to add me as a member to our new business account but he’s getting this screen. His contacts are up to date and includes me.

Are they your Monzo account email/phone number, and do you have payments with friends turned on? I’m purely guessing as I do not have a Monzo business account.

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Yes, he has my Monzo email and phone number. And I have payments with friends turned on.

I’ve just noticed you can ‘add contacts’ in Monzo under the Pay tab.

Is this what Monzo means by making sure they’re in your contacts, as opposed to the phone’s main address book app?

I believe so, yes. That’s why I asked about payments with friends.

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Managed to sort it on that basis. He didn’t have payments with friends active, only I did. Thanks for the prompt :+1:t3:


No problem, glad you have it sorted :+1:

So long as you both have payments with friends turned on, and you have the other person as a contact (we match on phone number), you should be fine – but it looks like you’ve already worked this out :tada: