Can't access some created categories

Hi all, I have created spending categories which some I can access and some I cant even though I can select them when I make a transaction.

Can someone shed some light on this please? Is it just a fault?


What do you mean by can’t access? What does the screen show/say? In which screen?

The little pie chart icon next to the magnifying glass. When you click that it brings up spending categories. The first lot I can click and it takes me into how much I’ve spent against the category. But when I scroll down to 'more and click it it brings up the rest of my categories but they’re slightly transparent icons and can’t click to access them.


Is that not because there are no transactions associated with those categories?


No, couple of them have definitely been used. One is a category I created for my childcare and when I go to the transaction I assigned to it, the category is there.

Was it used in a prior budget period?

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Last time I used it was this morning. The last time before that was a month ago. I don’t use budgets.


If you can share some screenshots, with details redacted, that would help.

Otherwise, you could ask Monzo in app.

Yeah sure, hope this helps.

And there’s definitely a transaction in that date range assigned to that category?

Yeah I made a payment to it yesterday.

Can you show a screenshot for that as well please with any information you don’t want others to see redacted.