Committed spending - some categories showing blank

In committed spending, some of the categories which I have committed spends in are showing as greyed out with a blank icon. These sections do have committed spends, which I know Monzo is picking up because they’re showing on the list, but I can’t figure out any reason why they’d show like this.

Details to reproduce: Go to committed spending - see some black/greyed out categories
OS: Android 8.1.0
Device: Moto G5S Plus
App Version: 3.28.1


I have same on version 3.29.0,. the ‘Family’ category shows in the Committed Spending list (in Summary) as a greyed out category with a blank icon.

In my case, I don’t have any upcoming ‘Family’ debits due and if I tap in the greyed out item, nothing happens.

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Just thought I’d check at the start of a new budget month, this time the issue is affecting different categories. I think it seems to be the ones whose spends are only paid from bill pots and have had no payments so far this month which aren’t showing.

So I think perhaps it’s intentional. A blank category is meant to be like “no committed spends from your main account”. But I find this incredibly confusing and unclear. How is someone meant to know that, in particular a new user? Tbh I think the way committed spends displays with bill pots still needs some work in general as it’s confusing - better than it was when they were first introduced (it’s good that it now only shows main account charges in upcoming, for example) but just needs more clarity as to what’s included where because the numbers don’t add up which must really throw some new users.