Cannot add friend to shared tab

Trying to set up a shared tab for house expenses and cannot add our new housemate.

When I search for them in my phone contacts they do not show up but when I use the nearby friends feature I can see them. When I try to add them via the nearby friends I get an error message “something went wrong, unable to add participants to shared tab” (see screenshot).

We have both made sure that access contacts is enabled inn both of our phone’s settings (IOs) and I have tried with our other friend’s Monzo app as well.

I have tried the available fixes but none of them work.

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Some obvious things to consider:

  • Do all housemates have Monzo?
  • Have you looked at the below?

Hopefully someone more familiar with Bill splitting will come along and help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response.

Yep we all have Monzo.

Re the first link, I can find him via nearby friends but not in my contact list. I have made sure that we both have the right contacts permission enabled on both of our phones. When I do find him via nearby friends I still cannot add him to the shared tab.

I did try sending him a direct pay request for 1p and he can pay me but it still does not put him in my contact list.

Re the second link, as I can’t find him in contacts it won’t let me add him to shared tabs/split bills even when using the Nearby Friends function. I get the same “something went wrong” message when I do.

I think it is something with his account as I have tried to add him to a shared tab with a different friend’s Monzo and same problem.

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Have you checked out the (reasonably new) Profile Privacy settings? Make sure that “profile findable by phone number” is switched on on your friend’s phone.