Cancelling virtual card with active CPA

I’m having some issues trying to cancel a CPA currently being taken from my Barclaycard. The company are claiming that it has been cancelled but this is not reflected in my account with them.

If I created a virtual card, changed my card details to that, then deleted the virtual card, would that sort it? The company involved say that you can cancel at any time if you “simply stop paying”.

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Not sure you should be having to do this level of effort though. Do you don’t trust that they have done it and it just doesn’t show on your account yet?

Potentially been a cross over in the cancellation, but may be worth asking them for a refund and also raising a complaint with them to resolve.

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Let’s just say that I got the feeling from their support staff that they didn’t really know what they were doing.

It’s 10 days until the next payment is due so I’ll see what happens in the meantime. Good to know that there’s a way to stop it if necessary, though.

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