Pre-authorisation & cancelled card

Hi peeps,

Wondering if anyone can tell me what will happen in this scenario?

I’ve made a £100 pre-authorisation with a company that has been taken/ reserved fine from my account. But I’ve now had to cancel the card that I used to make that pre-authorisation with.

Can the company still take the payment? If they don’t take the payment, are they still able to release the funds back to me?


I’m not sure but I think it’ll depend on their process.

If they just claim the pending transaction I think it will be fine. If they instead cancel it and try to charge you again a second time, I think it will decline.

Yes to both.

The merchant can still use those funds, and refund/release it, or refund the difference in cost if they need to, as you’ve already authorised and given permission for them to do so.