Shopping Subscription

From my accounts, past 3 month(April, May, July) £15 is getting deducted and in budgets its showing for shopping. Wherein i didn’t apply for any subscription. For now i have freezed my account but i want my £45 refund. I tried calling customer number, but they kept on hold for so long time until nobody answered. Please anyone help.

To whom is each £15 made payable?

Is the category of Shopping correct, or could it be something else?

What detail makes it appear as a subscription?

You need to speak to whoever is charging you.

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There’s nothing to be done about this on an internet forum. It would have been best to contact the organisation taking the money back in April when the first deduction happened but it’s still worth approaching them now as a first step since they’re the ones making deductions and they have your money.

Monzo won’t deal with private account enquiries on a public forum so the only thing you’ll get offered here is the questions and opinions of other customers trying to work out what may have happened and what you might have done. If you need to talk to Monzo then the in-app chat is the first mechanism to try.


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