Cancelled Premium - Now chat is closed at night

I cancelled premium today because it is silly and Monzo only released it in my opinion so they dont go bust. I have noticed since cancelling it my chat button vanished and now during the night time hours it says closed until 7am

Never had this issue when i had the metal card. Lovely to know that i bank is “pay for help”. Is anyone else experiencing this?

How do i close my account i only created to get help from Monzo

Chat is open for emergency situations, jury is out as to if that’s good or bad.

Click the icon at top left the one with your avatar in, then go to the settings cog at top right. Scroll down to close account.

It has been like that for a long time now. Almost a year: Chat and call times are changing so I’m not sure how you’ve only just noticed :confused:

You don’t get different support because you pay - everyone is treated the same as you can see in the announcement linked above.

I think the jury has returned with a verdict a long time ago…


I appreciate the OP thinks it’s a paid chat service or seems to get that impression.

Don’t think we are at that stage yet!
Can you imagine this forum then?

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Doing a current account switch to another bank will automatically close your Monzo account

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I have Premium and I’m able to send messages now and have had a reply at 02:37 this morning…

So that would suggest Premium users do get access to support 24/7. Not that it’s any good as I’m still nowhere near the issue being resolved and passed through 5 people so far!


No it just varies between users but that’s a completely different conversation on a post somewhere in this forum. If my battery wasn’t about to go flat on my mobile, I’d hunt it down to link to it.

Course you did

I’ve not experienced a ‘Premium’ chat support while being a Premium customer, No.
In fact, I’ve not had access to the chat button for a long time.

Do you mean you want to close your Monzo Community account (this forum), which you opened very recently?

If so, you can’t directly. You have to request account closure from one of the forum admins. Given that you joined less than 2 hours ago, you may not have the rights yet to send Direct Messages to users so I’ll tag @AlanDoe and @cookywook who may be able to help close your forum account as required.


Actually recently registered users may have the rights to delete their account themselves. There are some criteria I’m not sure of that need to be fulfilled for the account deletion button to disappear

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Bearing in mind you didn’t cancel Premium to get different support hours, may I ask why you feel Premium is “silly” and why you paid for it in the first place if you think that?


Doesn’t your evidence suggest you get support at 2:47 rather than 24/7?

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I have Premium but I don’t have a chat button.

This has been picked over many times and I’m not sure of the value of doing it again. But as far as I can tell, Monzo seems to have an algorithm to determine who can message support at what time, and who gets to see the button. Whether you’re a paid customer might feed into that but isn’t the exclusive driver.

And yes, for clarity, I don’t think it’s appropriate to hide access to chat, or for customers’ access to support to depend on a set of unknown and unpublished criteria.