Cancelled payment still sent

(Frank) #1

So I have just attempted to send a Monzo to Monzo payment but after pressing confirm nothing happened. So I then cancelled the payment. And after checking my balance to confirm it didn’t send, sent it again. But then checking the statement after the successful payment it’s showing both actually went. :man_shrugging:t2:

We are only talking small amounts here and it was to my partner so I’m sure she will send it back. But what is Monzo’s policy for this scenario? As it could have easily been £1k to an external person that may not be as willing to send money back. And would have me £1k out of pocket due to an app issue.

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Sorry to hear about this :frowning:

So we can look into this, would it be okay if you reached out over the in app chat? :+1:

(Nick) #4

When I have ‘nothing happens’ moments with my Monzo account it’s usually because the phone has no signal or data at that point. There’s one shop I use regularly where I don’t get the nofication that I’ve paid until I’ve left because there’s no signal inside.

So that would be my first thought for why you didn’t see anything happen.

My second thought is that if the above happened to me - a transfer didn’t seem to go through - then I would wait for a period of time before trying again, especially for a significant sum. And/or open an in-app support chat.

I can’t think I’d re-send a sizable amount without first checking that the initial attempt really did fail.

(Frank) #5

I have already raised it in the app chat. Just wanted to share the issue here too. As more of a wider discussion.

I think while ever the cancel button is available it should cancel the payment. So it may be you need an interstitial screen for ‘processing’ so there is no opportunity to cancel a payment that is too far gone to cancel. And then also send the user to a failed payment screen if actually it has failed to send.

In my scenario it just left me on the ‘send’ screen with no indication anything had or was being done.

(Frank) #6

I did check if the payment had sent and nothing was showing. Which I’m sure I mentioned in the original post.

Also I got the Face ID image overlay but the sceen never moved on. Which is why I had the option to cancel.

(Nick) #7

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I meant checking if it “really did fail”, and that would be by checking with the recipient (if I could), and/or starting an in-app support chat at that point.

I think this might be because I’m minded of when you cam things off websites and nothing happens, so you don’t know if payment was taken or not. Same principle applies - check with site if they received payment before trying again.

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What did the app chat say?

(Frank) #9

Looks like they both sent and ask the recipient to send it back.

(Frank) #10

I get what you are saying. Though in my mind I’m thinking i have pressed cancel and I have checked that no transaction is showing. Two clear indicators a payment had not sent.

In truth I have never had this scenario with another bank to compare the experience. Though I’m sure to move on from the screen with the send/cancel options so you are unable to interact with them after choosing send.

(Nick) #11

I’ve had websites hang when I’ve clicked ‘submit/pay/confirm’ buttons and in all the instances I specifcally remember, a support query has always responded with “We got your money”. So this is the level of comparison I have.

I hope Monzo investigate your experience fully and figure out what went wrong, as regardless of what I say and how I approcah things, it could be that Monzo might need to either better document their process (“If anything seems to go wrong, contact us before trying to transfer again”) or fail more gracefully (“Oops! Something went wrong! Contact us to check”).

(Hugh Wells) #12

We are looking into this with the utmost seriousness. I haven’t looked at @Frankiejr’s account but I’d guess the original issue was to do with a dodgy network connection.
Unfortunately, the way we handle that in app - both technically and with the copy isn’t good enough so I have raised this with the product team :+1:

(Frank) #13

Issue resolved as in my other half has sent the money back :+1:t2:. In app they have also confirmed that should that not have been possibly they would have ensure my account balance was rectified should it be confirmed an app issue (and not mine) :+1:t2:

Though @HughWells I do agree the root cause could well just be the designs and can be designed out to avoid issues in future.

(Peter) #14

Very good attitude, issue hasn’t affected me but happy to hear this.


This is definitely caused by a bad network connection; when you clicked send the request was sent to Monzo (and successfully processed, transferring the money away) but the phone never got a response back so you were still stuck on that screen. When going back to the balance & transactions list you were actually seeing the balance at the last time the app had network connection.

(Frank) #16

Yeah that is likely the cause. But then as soon as you hit send you should not be able to access the cancel button to prevent the scenario I found myself in.


I also had a problem with FPS where my Monzo app displayed a network connection error but the receiving bank confirmed receipt, I ended up going back to escape the screen I was on and shortly after the balance updated.

(Frank) #18

I didn’t get any network error or any other visible queue. Just the Face ID image then the normal ‘pay’ screen. As if I had not done anything.


Mine is on Android without FaceID and with fingertip reader deactivated. The network message was displayed in a bar across the bottom of the app.