Can you create an Applet that withdraws money from a pot based on a merchant?

Hi Monzo,

Apologies for the question but I struggle to find any useful help content from IFTTT so I wanted to check on this is anyone has done anything similar.

To replicate the ability of assigning direct debits to pots I just want to say, if this merchant then transfer the amount of the transaction from a pot.

Can this be done currently? I know you can choose the merchant but I’m not sure how you set the applet up to extract the money from a pot or if you can even do it at the moment…

Any advice on this?

Take this example as a use case just now. As Monzo don’t offer mortgages just yet my mortgage is with Santander monthly.

Thanks guys👍


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Don’t think you can manipulate direct debits with IFTTT yet. I think it only works with card payments.

Essentially what you’re after is this: Committed Spending/Bills Pot


Yea as @anon99402360 says, the merchant based triggers are only on card transactions not DDs, Standing Orders etc.


Thanks for the reply, that thread is getting hard to track now and Iv always been a fan of how Monzo are very transparent with what they are working on but this one has been quite disappointing.

I have heard rumours that it’s been in testing for a while now but no official announcements yet or even confirmation that they are working on being able to assign direct debits to pots.

Is there any news on when they will be adding more functionality within IFTTT?


As far as I can tell, like most things with Monzo, they launched the minimum viable product and then moved onto the next shiny thing to start on. IFTTT hasn’t been touched since it launched, despite people asking for exactly what you’re wanting to do, among other things.

I’ve worked around this by keeping an eye out for upcoming direct debits in my feed and then make a scheduled pot withdrawal for when they come out. For standing orders, I have a recurring pot withdrawal set up also. For any card payments, I use IFTTT (particularly for repeating payments or places I visit regularly).

EDIT: I turned on the “Get an email when Monzo publishes a new trigger or action” applet on Jun 07 2018. It has never run.


Much appreciated and totally agree!

Not sure how this could get some traction but it’s widely recognised that this is the biggest request monzo customers are demanding. To be able to assign a direct debit to a pot.

Like I said before, I totally understand this may be a tough ask but they have literally being completely silent on this which contradicts the transparency that Monzo are usually so good with.

I wish they would provide some clarity as in my opinion, this would be a real game changer across the industry.


This is a little sensationalist to say the least, Monzo have commented on this a number of times and even have a build in staff testing.

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I’m not sure about it being the biggest, but it’s certainly up there along with better/consistent merchant enrichment (names and logos) and cheque imaging.

As far as “transparency” goes, there’s a difference between being open and transparent about business practices, and sharing every detail about every app feature development. I don’t think Monzo ever claimed to be the latter. Their radio silence on what exactly the problems they’re facing are is frustrating for sure, but they’re not obliged to say anything about it.

I never said that they must keep up to date with every detail in new developments. What I am saying is for something that we would all agree is at least one of the biggest requests to be incorporated into the app is they have been a lot more silent than what we the customers would want. For example, it’s not even on the roadmap.

Can you link me to where they have committed to this? I must have missed this and will apologise if I see something concrete.


I haven’t seen that one before and it’s good to see that update so thanks.

Two points though.

  1. That still is not definitively committing to actually delivering the feature.

  2. Kind of a build on point 1, that was in November 2018, so over 6 months on and there isn’t another update, I can’t say I agree with that to be honest.

As you can see I’m a crowdfunding investor and a massive advocate of Monzo I just think the way they have dealt with this one could and should be better👍 Still the best in class by far in my opinion but that’s not to say it can’t be made better.

That update is from 8 months ago. They’ve seemingly stopped work on Summary since which in turn suggests the next attempt at committed pots isn’t coming soon :frowning:

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Thanks yeah I’m coming to that conclusion as well sadly😐 Again I don’t think there’s been that much clarity on the situation👎

I understand your argument but instead of lots of micro updates I’d rather they just focused on building it. You are right though, on the community it is the most voted for feature :+1:

It has been quiet for a while so fingers crossed for an announcement soon :crossed_fingers:

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