Can’t see joint account

I can’t work out how the hell to contact customer services or speak to someone’s my joint account has disappeared from my screen so I can’t see or access it anymore

So has chat disappeared too?

Apple or android? Old or new navigation? (Ie do you have the pulse graph on your main screen or not?)

Phone number on the back of your card?

No I can see this chat and my own account not joint

This isn’t chat, it’s the community

So in app chat on the new navigation is the 3rd tab with the question mark. Is it not on the horizontal or vertical pot list? Have you long pressed the bottom bar to switch between accounts?

Without knowing your OS or nav it’s hard to help if you can’t find in app chat

Thanks - no my chat kept disappearing weirdly both accounts now reappeared when partner sent a payment out of it but he has the reverse issue of not seeing own account - not sure if ties to upgrade of app / Apple phone … but thanks all for help

Perhaps try a fresh install of the app if it’s being weird.

  • Uninstall the app
  • Restart your phone
  • Install the app

Worth a try :man_shrugging:


Thanks ! THat seems to have done the e trick as it reverted back again after I thought it was previously fixed so fingers crossed !