App crash when trying to use an overseas address for new card

My card is about to expire and I got a notification to confirm address for the new card. When I go in the address change notification, when selecting a different country the app crashes.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Join the flow to order new card
  2. On “What name do you want on your new card?” tap Next
  3. On “Where should we send your new card?” tap Change
  4. On “What’s your delivery postcode?” tap Send Overseas
  5. Select any country (I’m trying to use United States of America) and notice the app crash.

iOS 17.0

iPhone 14 Pro

App Version:

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I’m able to reproduce it, I am trying to update to 5.41.0 (TestFlight) to see if it fixes the issue

Edit: Same issue on 5.41 @AlanDoe

The crash only seems to happen with selecting the USA option

Edit 2: I have identified a workaround

Select another country first, then click change, then select the USA @magico


Thanks for the report @magico. I’ve reproduced the issue and have reported it to the team.

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and thank you, me for the workaround :smiley: