Can't confirm card delivery address

My card is expiring soon. The app says I need to confirm my delivery address. When I tap the message on the home screen, I see a transition but it just returns me to the app home screen. I can’t confirm my address so am worried I might not get a new card.

Details to reproduce:
Have an account with a card that is about to expire.
Open the app and see the “confirm delivery address” message.
Tap the message. Nothing happens.
OxygenOS 13 (Android 13)
OnePlus Nord 2 5G
App Version:
App doesn’t allow screenshots.


The app does allow screenshots, nothing preventing it, however it’s not needed anyway - Go through to the help, OR just try re-installing the app as it sounds like it may be bugged

Hello, I have the same issue. I deleted the app and installed it once again, it didn’t help. I attached a screenshot. If it’s not something that is going to be fixed some time soon, could you please suggest how I can get help with my card that’s about to expire? Thank you