Can someone open a Monzo account without photo ID?

Hi there. I’m wondering whether it would be possible for someone (my mum) to open a Monzo account without photo ID? She doesn’t have a passport, and she’s never had to upgrade her car license to a photo one. I think Monzo could really help her. Thank you.

Hello, no you will have to have some form of Photo ID ( Passport, driving license or EU ID Card). Hope that helps.

It’s needed I’m afraid. Costs about £20 to convert paper to photo driving license I believe.

Thank you. Might have to get her to update her license!

If you google ‘accepted forms of ID for a Monzo account’ you get the below article.

This lists all the accepted types which should help with deciding on which one is best :slight_smile:

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Guessing firearm or shotgun certificate will be best.

I had to convince my mum to do this recently. It was becoming more and more of a hindrance with so many places now requiring photo ID. It cost £20 and was surprisingly quick and painless.

More details at: