Can I transfer funds into Monzo to pay for goods?

Hi new to Monzo and want to know if I can use Monzo to pay for a high value item?

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You can use monzo as you would with your regular bank since monzo is a regulated bank.

Although I believe theirs a £10,000 limit on a transaction although a quick chat to support could get this raised temporary. Most banks have limits due to safety to protect your money and anti fraud.

You can receive funds on monzo via transfer or cash deposits, you can even get your wages paid into it and in some cases it allows you to claim your wage early.

Most of the people on here are just customers like yourself combined with the odd monzo staff who are extremely friendly. Alternatively you can reach monzo support via Twitter, email or the in app chat who are always happy to help you.

if you’re like me a monzo account will be the best thing you’ve done, it makes financing a breeze with the budgeting tools, pots and many other reasons!


Monzo is a regulated bank, similar to those you see on the high street except we don’t have physical branches.

You can use your Monzo account in the same way as any other :rocket:

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