Receiving a bank transfer

İf I give another bank my Name account number and sort code . Can the bank transfer money into my Monzo account And is there a limit ?

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Not at the Monzo :mondo: end for receiving money (so long as it is clean and yours!), but the source bank will have limits, as does the banking system


Thanks for getting back so quick
İt’s from my mum’s account she died in may
Little over £10,000
İs there a charge. For the bank. From Monzo. Do you know

No charge - anyone who tells you otherwise you definitely should not trust!

Good chance that £10,000 is at or around the limit for a daily transfer, though that may vary by bank, but that would only be a problem if you were in a major rush

Given it’s your mum’s account - sorry for your loss - you obviously need to be sure your end that it’s all clear to be moved out and to you (e.g. on executor stuff, control of her account and being okay to take your share of the estate), but if so you can go ahead with a normal FPS payment

Maybe start by moving a small amount to be sure of the account details (I always used to send £1 the first time before the name checking feature) and then move it in blocks thereafter

Any worries, let your mum’s bank first as there is nothing to worry about at all is above board. You don’t need to let Monzo know, but drop them a message in chat if you have any residual concerns


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