Can I see my direct debits?

I can’t find anywhere in the new app that lists what my direct debits are. Can someone show me the light please?

I think it’s the same place as the old design… either way…

Click the arrows (transfers) in the nav bar at the bottom of the screen and then go to the scheduled tab :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks.I can edit it to reflect reality - that it’s annual not monthly - but can’t see how I can convince it that it’s only been taken once so far so it looks like I’ve doubled what I spent this year. Number of payments and amount are both doubled. Was I supposed to have corrected the frequency as soon as I set it up?

I’m confused, I thought we were talking about direct debits? You can’t edit the frequency of those :confused:

We are. You can click on subscription frequency and change it. But I think it just changes the UI not how often money is taken.

I think the ability to change the repeat frequency affects the calculations used for Summary only (along with the selection of the ‘Repeating payment’ selector) - not the actual payment. The actual payment is controlled by the company who are requesting the payment as per the T&C’s you agreed to when starting the subscription.

Sure. So, it’s a bug that it’s showing 2 payments taken then?

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There was a recent report of an incorrect quantity of payments being displayed, I’ll see if I can find it…

EDIT: Found it. Although this issue was the incorrect quantity of payments made to a vendor - and it was a display issue which was fixed with the usual uninstall/reinstall dance;

Maybe try the usual?;

  • Uninstall the Monzo app
  • Restart your device
  • Download & install the Monzo app from the App/Play store
  • Run the Monzo app & login (using the same email address you used to initially sign up to Monzo)

I hesitate to call this workaround a “solution” but it did eventually (i had doubled direct debits for a while after performing this procedure) resolve it, so thanks!

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