Can I Merge the Contents Of A Custom Category With A Classic Category?

I foolishly created custom categories for some categories that already exist. As a result, the contents are spread arounbd.

Is there a way to select the contents of a category, and batch-transfer them to another category?

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Thank you


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Hi. Welcome.

Sadly not. If they are the same merchant, say Amazon and you’ve put them in Shopping, then you can change one and it will prompt you to change them all forwards/backwards. But that would be on a per merchant basis. If you’ve shopped at 100 places then you’ll need to do it 100 times.

But you can’t select a category and move all in that category to another.

You can search for the category though (on iOS) so you can easily see what’s left that you haven’t moved.


Just edit the category name if it’s one you created?

Can do so on Android.

But that depends if you’ve variable incorrect on the cat you want.