Deleting Custom Categories

Can we please have the option of deleting the custom categories we no longer need

You have always had that option - I had to delete several when I realised I maxed out the number of custom categories I could add :sweat_smile:

You can already do this.

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I’ve just checked how to do this (I’m on Android but it should be the same steps on iOS):

  • Press the Plus button in the bottom menu strip
  • Select Custom Categories from the list
  • Select the category you want to remove
  • At the bottom of the screen are 2 buttons, press the Remove category button
  • Acknowledge the alert shown

Existing items will keep their categories and will need to be changed, by the looks (I didn’t go any further), so you may need to consider that before removing the category.


As you can see in the screen shot, the option of deleting a category is not available

I’m using an iPhone, do you think that might be why I’m unable to make this cancellation?

In any case, when can I expect to be able to make this change?

Thanks in advance! : )

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Here’s an Android perspective - ‘Remove category’ is available at the very bottom (and no nav tabs at the bottom, as shown in your example)

This could be an iOS/Android parity thing


Weirdly you can only remove a category if you get to the edit category page from the assigning a category to a transaction page.

If you go to plus - categories - edit, then it shows no option to delete.

How bizarre.

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That is weird. Just tried the ‘edit category’ route (from at the point of assigning a category to a transaction) and the result is the same as the screenshot I posted above - which was the result of going to Premium → Custom categories → select existing custom category

So the different results seem to be down to the platforms again - iOS has 2 results, Android has the same result.


@PaulG I have the same problem on iOS.

Cannot find a way to remove a category - looks like a bug @Monzo

As mentioned above, you can delete on iOS, it’s just (stupidly) hidden…