Now I have new custom categories, how can I bulk move transacations?

I’ve made a “Eating In” category for deliveroo. How can I move all my old deliveroo transactions into this category now?


You can’t :slight_smile:

You have to go through your history and do each one, or do like I am and start doing it from today onwards.


Edit them one by one?

I can’t? I just paid £5 a month for this :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Did the dev team not think that this would be something users might want?

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You didn’t pay £5 to have this because it was never mentioned.

They probably did think of it, but then decided to do it at a later date or that it’s not worthwhile :man_shrugging:

For example. All my Tesco purchases are not going to be for groceries.


I’m sure they considered it. But decided not to do for a number of reasons that I’m not going to speculate on.

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I wonder happens if I cancel my plus? Where will those transactions be categorised then.

I think they have said that no they wont be, but if you purchased it again later they custom categories would come back. (Dont quote me on that).

Bulk changes are easy on the surface but I doubt maybe people will use them for how much work they would be to do nicely. I dont even remember what I bought on that tesco trip 3 days ago so its really only something I will apply going forward

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They did say that they would be removed and then restored if you re-subscribed. I remember this too.

As for what category, I don’t know. They will probably go to their default or into general :man_shrugging:

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I’m moving savings, wages, childcare etc from the start of the year to my new categories. It’s my new morning bus journey thing

Shopping will only be recategorised from today onwards because who can be bothered with that?

But not that easy to get correct in a world that has custom categories and many multiples of use cases for how I want to apply them versus how you want to apply them - this is my thinking as to why they didn’t offer it.

It is achievable but tricky to get right for enough of the people who will want to use it (80/20 etc etc)

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I have always wanted a “pub” category to track my alcohol spending. I used to put it into Entertainment but then I’d also put stuff like cinema spending in there. Real headache to go back, what couple years now?

I like the tracking feature because I like to see how it changes month on month, not just to see if I’m staying within budget for each month.

I could do with some category inspiration. I’m struggling to think of some.

I’ve already got:
presents, clothes, art, accessories, news (for subscriptions), iOS, tech services (1Password and things like that), accessories (sunglasses, bags, things like that), books, energy, health, music, cinema, pub, bar/club, takeaways, restaurants

Gonna add cinema, and I’m sure will think of some more soon too!

This REALLY needs to be a thing, Emma (the app) does it perfectly.


Have just had an idea (which may not help a lot of people) but may (I have no idea) be easier to implement.

I’ve been using tags since their implementation, in lieu of custom categories, and perhaps the ability could be added to add all transactions with hashtag X into custom category X?

Home improvements is my most used one now as we’re going through the house doing a room at a time.


Just coming here to post this!

Be interesting to know how this would be triggered. Will that additional pop-up with the ‘just this one/future/past and future’ pop up every time I change a transaction?

On the one hand, would be great to choose ‘just this one’ when I buy booze instead of groceries at the supermarket, and not have to change it back next time.

But as a heavy custom category user, I wonder if it would get annoying coming up all the time. (Although I suppose eventually it would become rare unless I kept finding new merchants…)