Can I have my “pending” money back please

Asda took £135 from my account in a pending hold on 1st Nov. I cancelled the grocery order yet no money has come back. Asda stated they released the hold on 2nd November yet it is still not showing. Monzo customer service told me it will be released on 2nd December.
I have NO money, none at all!! My car insurance should have come out but that bounced due to the £135 Asda hold not being returned, so now my car insurance is going to be cancelled tomorrow.
I have sent across proof that this Asda order is cancelled so can i please have my money back?

This is a forum, you’ll have to question the payment. Is there no option to reverse the payment yourself? I’ve had issues with pending debit card payments before, so I got a credit card for any online order over £30

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I have asked on the chat and also rang Monzo and yet here I am, 11 days after the payment was teased by Asda and I still do not have any money back.

No there is no option, only option is to do a dispute form and wait 14 days.

As a single mum I cannot afford to do that, so I’m hoping someone from Monzo sees this

How many working days since the payment was ring fenced? It should return automatically after 7. Is it pending or has it been acquired by the merchant?

It’s day 8 today.

The merchant told me they released the payment on 2nd of November and they do not understand why I do not have the money back.

Oh and when I spoke to Monzo customer service on phone they said it will be back on 2nd Dec, which is 30 days ?!

Hmm some payments can take up to 30 days but usually car rental or hotel bookings.

Can you go to the bottom of the payment screen and see if it still says pending or not

That’s what confused me. If I have ever cancelled a Asda order the money has always being returned the next day.

It still shows as pending.

I keep messaging on Monzo Chat but no one is responding to me.

It depends at what stage it’s cancelled.

Sadly nobody here can help you.

If Monzo are saying that’s how long it will be, then that is that.

It seems an awfully long time if Asda have done what they’ve said.

Back in March, I had a trainline refund where the customer service rep maintained 9 times with a copy and paste response that the refund had been processed. I complained and it hadn’t actually been processed. Put a complaint in at either end and try and put some smoke up it

Pretty sure online grocery shopping is 30 days too. At least when it comes to Tesco and co op.

There was an issue with my co op click and collect order a few months ago, where there was a system error and they were able to process my order, so I had to pay again in store. It took a month for the initial online hold charge to be reversed.

It seems to be an issue on the bank’s side of things though. Monzo offered me the option to remove the ring-fence from the funds, but warned me as it had not yet settled because the retailer hadn’t it claimed, they may still claim it until the deadline passes. I just waited and eventually got the money back.

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Thanks, I’ve emailed the CEO of Asda and then spoken to their Executive Relations Team, who said exactly the same as the normal Customer Services Team, that the payment was released at their end on 2nd November.

Just don’t get why Monzo are ignoring me now.

How long has it been since the last reply?

Since lunch time, which I understand isn’t a long time, but like I said above thread, I now have zero money in my account and my car insurance, which should have being paid 6 days ago will be getting cancelled tomor, so I’m really anxious about that. I’ve never had this happen with Asda or Monzo before. I don’t have credit cards or an over draft to fall back on, so it’s a big deal for me.

This is an awful situation to be in, I’m sorry this has happened to you. Can I ask, have you sent Monzo copies of the communications from Asda, or just told them what Asda have said to you?

If Asda have put it in writing - a chat log, or an email, or a letter you can take a picture of, you should try and submit this evidence to Monzo.

Unfortunately the burden of proof for reversing pending transactions has risen, as other Monzo customers were taking advantage and asking for pending transactions to be reversed when, as it turned out, there was no actual dispute and the money was subsequently taken again later, putting people into difficulty.

That’s the reason now that Monzo COps don’t reverse and say to wait for it to drop off instead.

The last thing I’d suggest is, telling Monzo in the chat that you’re a vulnerable customer and ask if you can speak to someone from the vulnerable customers team.

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If Asda have refunded you rather simply releasing the hold, then you should get your money back by tomorrow, as that’s the final day of the 10 day long period refunds can take.

IIRC, with my co op order, by tapping on the transaction and tapping non Something wrong? Get help I was presented with the option to get my money back from co op immediately at the tap of a button, before the hold was due to be released. Might be worth checking in your app to see if you have that same option.