Can I game the free Month of Revolut premium to get a free card?

(Peter Roberts) #1

I know there are some knowledgeable Revolut users on here so I’m hoping one of you will be able to answer the following question :blush:

Ordering a card from Revolut is not free due to £5 delivery but I notice that you get a month of free premium. Is it possible to sign up to that, order the card and then cancel the premium before the first month ends?

Edit: To clarify, I explicitly do not want the premium service until I’ve had a chance to try it out for a bit and I figure this may be a way to trial it for a few months

(Jedihomer Townend) #2

I don’t think so… from memory (which I can hardly rely on) If you were to cancel the premium charge, you will be charged the $5…

(Peter Roberts) #3

Ah, thanks. Maybe I should just contact their support and ask :stuck_out_tongue:


Unlikely. If you cancel premium in the first month they will charge you for any cards issued (physical or virtual).

(Dan Warriner) #5

You can’t…but you can use the free month to get access to cryptocurrencies :wink:

(Allie) #6

Do you really want a ‘bank’ (it’s still a prepaid product, not a real current account) that charges you for a debit card? Not even an early replacement (that’d bad enough), but for a card period. I took that abuse years ago, I wouldn’t dream of it today. Just me, tho.

(Peter Roberts) #7

It’s definitely a negative and by the virtue of this thread it is stopping me getting their card and using it but for all I know the UX is amazing or something

It certainly seems to offer a bunch more things than just a card albeit with additional cost for most

It genuinely seems pretty useful for international payments and maybe as a crypto wallet

(Allie) #8

I didn’t find it that magical at all. Let’s put it this way, when they warned me if I closed my account I wouldn’t be allowed a new one for five years, I didn’t hesitate to tell them I didn’t care.

Maybe the Revolut of 2020 will make me regret that, when I’m still banned for two years. But the Revolut of today, pass. Also, if it is amazing, maybe they’ll get their head out of the sand on the five year ban also. An amazing service would.

(Peter Roberts) #9

I am indeed put off by this kind of behaviour on their part. It still doesn’t say anything on a rational level about the services I mentioned though

(Allie) #10

What I meant was that I didn’t find anything compelling about it really, but I don’t like the behaviour either. Sure, you can get lots of account numbers? If you have a need for that, it’d be very useful, but I think there’s limitations on how they can be used…

(Peter Roberts) #11

Interestingly you don’t need to pay to do all this international stuff which means I now have a way to receive international payments without paying any fees I think

I’m trying to exploit this to get some euros into coinbase without paying them 4% for debit card fees. To me, at least right now, this seems pretty useful

I’m not sold on getting their card though since I’m here l quite emotionally invested in Monzo and it doesn’t really serve any purpose

Thanks for the feedback on the UX @GalaxyMergirl, that’s convinced me against bothering to get the card for now


I can answer this question as I use Revolut to transfer money to my Irish EUR account.

You can get the month free Revolut Premium and get a free Premium card yes. However, if you cancel Premium in the trial period month you are charged a £10 cancellation fee if you ordered a premium card. My premium card still works after I cancelled.

(Ian) #13

They aren’t banning anyone, I have a friend that closed an account and reopened one.

It’s a sales tactic to keep you on board, a dishonest one.

I use Monzo day-to-day but I also really like Revolut.

(David) #14

Be careful by taking out the free trail, I somehow signed up to a 12 month contract! I managed to cancel as it was within 14 days after paying the delivery charges for the cards I requested. Wasn’t very clear at all to be honest (Or I’m just blind) I just saw it say 1 month free trail and £6.99 per month after.

I only joined for the bitcoin/litecoin trading which was only available to premium account holders currently though they plan on offering it to all members in the coming weeks I read.

(Jon) #15

Just to clarify this, from what I read in the T&Cs, it’s not a free month trial, you’re signing up for the year, but just get the first month free?

Is this right? I want to use try the crypto functionality (even though it seems very limited).

(Peter Roberts) #16

It should be available to free accounts soon too


Revolut terms and conditions:

Revolut do offer a free month trial from time to time, here is the part of the terms and conditions. I’m not sure if its still on because I already took the free month back in September before I cancelled.

4.6 By signing up for a Premium Subscription, you expressly request for the subscription period of the relevant Premium Services to commence from the moment that your Premium Subscription is confirmed. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that we offer a one month free trial promotion in relation to the Premium Services, the Cooling-off Period will begin immediately from the moment that we make the Premium Services available to you on the Revolut Dashboard.

Either way, you can cancel within 14-days per the law which is also in Revoluts terms.

4.9 If you paid for your Premium Subscription at the point of subscribing for the Premium Services you may withdraw within 14 days. If neither you nor anyone authorised by you to use your account has taken advantage of any Premium Services in the current Premium membership period, we will refund your Premium membership fee in full. Otherwise, we will issue you a partial refund based on use of the Premium Services during that time by you or anyone authorised by you to use your account. For the avoidance of doubt, the order and delivery of a Premium Revolut Card will be considered a Premium Service for these purposes.

(Jon) #19

Oh, cool. Thanks for that. :slight_smile: