Can I automate money to pot from a transaciton on a connected account (Amazon New Day?)

I thought this was going to be easy and maybe done within app or even via IFTTT, but I cant seem to find an answer.

I have my Amazon New Day card connected so can see all of the transaciton within my Monzo app. Each time I make a purchase on my Amazon CC, I want to move that amount from my main account into a Pot, then at the end of the month, the Pot will have the full balance to pay off the card.

Is this possible?

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Some people do this with AmEx, but I think there’s another part in the middle to connect the dots.

It also depends on what phone you are using, i.e. iOS or Android.

For Amex, I have this working by having an IFTTT recipe which looks out for Amex notifications (via the Android notification input) and writes the relevant details to a Google Spreadsheet, along with a second IFTTT recipe that initiates a pot transfer via Monzo when a new record is found in that spreadsheet. So 2 recipes to accomplish this.

I don’t know how this is done on iOS but there is no doubt a topic covering it somewhere.

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You can also do this with code using something like truelayer :slight_smile: but way more complicated!