Fossil Sport (New WearOS Watch)

This is ticking all the boxes. Looks good, well priced, has the new Snapdragon 3100 chip, has NFC. Also has a bigger battery than other Wear OS devices released recently so between that and the new chip we ought to be seeing a big jump in battery life.

I might pick one of these up!

It’s close but I’m still holding out. I want a watch that looks like a proper watch and will last a couple of days at least. Maybe I’m dreaming, but I’m still holding out hope.


Me too, can’t quite seem to get a better battery life, waterproof, GPS, heart rate monitor, step counter watch that stays connected to your phone, synchronised with it’s app, doesn’t look like a brick on your wrist and doesn’t cost an arm (sorry) and a leg. Asking too much? OK. R-

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I’ve had the Amazfit Pace [1] for nearly a year. It started with the claimed five days of battery life but that has now reduced to three. That is still longer than this new Fossil watch. The Amazfit Pace doesn’t run Wear OS though which must save a lot of power, but it can do sports tracking with GPS and I get all of the notifications from the apps I choose to receive them from.

Only downside is that it doesn’t have NFC. Multi-day watch with NFC I might consider.

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Oh yeah, I forgot all about NFC, although a “great to have” - not a killer for me. R-

Yeah, I’m going to get this. Just waiting until they’re in stores so I can see size/colors in person

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