Uk Account for my fiance, USA Resident


I have been trying to look through some threads etc, but a bit stuck still.

My fiancé lives in LA, USA, but I would like to open an account for her here to have open. She does not have a visa currently and only visits. I am obviously happy for her address to be my home address also but is this allowed? This is obviously her only place of stay when in the country.

Can an account be opened even if wages are not going to be paid in?

While looking on here I have seen that Monzo is now in the USA anyway or still planning? So I have suggested she still looks in to opening an account for over there. I wanted to open a bits credit builder account for her and toe it to her account.

The plan is for her to move here in the future.


To open a UK Monzo account, she will need to be a UK resident. If she isn’t currently a UK resident, she will not be able to open an account.

There is no requirement to have wages paid into the account.

She can certainly apply to open a US Monzo account.

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Ok thank you! Thought it was best to be safe and check