Calendar sync with committed spending

It would be nice if Monzo could synchronise with upcoming calendar events and allow you to assign a money value to them.

For example, if you have a specsavers appointment in the calendar for two weeks time, you can select this in the Monzo app and assign £30 to it. Another example could be to look up the average cost (this data should be somewhere?) of visiting a museum/attraction and automatically assign this to your committed spending. Of course, you could select it and update to a more accurate cost.

What do people think? It might help with organising committed spending.


I like this idea. I kind of already do it manually but good to get the calendar synced in.

Yeah I’d love this. Also to plot Direct Debits, Standing orders and recurring online subscriptions automatically. It’d be nice just look at my calendar and see when money’s going out.

I do this manually in excel at the moment, if it were possible to do it within monzo that would be great!

What about you have a holiday* payment coming up and you can set your account up to move the saved money out of the pot on that day :thinking:

*interchangeable with expected spends that wouldn’t normally show up in committed