Buying Off The Internet

Would it be a good idea to wait until next week after the xmas and new year holidays die down and the back log clears ?

It could depend where you shop and possibly where you live but I think you will be fine ordering what you want now.

I bought things on Amazon on the 25th, 26th and 27th December. They arrived yesterday and about 2 minutes ago. I ordered from John Lewis Christmas Day and that’s due tomorrow. None have been late and I don’t expect John Lewis’ to be late either.

You also have to remember, if you wait you will have to wait anyway as an order today will be shipped before an order in, say, 5 days. Even if today’s order sat somewhere for a couple of days, it will probably still be delivered before something ordered later in the week.

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Doesn’t matter one bit, any purchases are fully protected. Order, sit back and relax and wait for delivery.

Wait until next year so we can all have a break from delivery topics :sweat_smile:


Ordered something but the money hasn’t come out yet… it says " active pending authorisation " when I login to the merchant site

Seriously don’t get so wound up and anxious about an online order. You’ve made the order, the money will come out, the item will get delivered.

Any problems with the order they’ll get in contact with you.

Without wanting to sound rude you know already what the process is as we’ve had many ordering online, delivery topics which are all much of the same :rofl:


Fair enough, I do suffer from anxiety some times

Looking at my records, last time i purchased from this merchant they took the money the next day, so should be fine :slight_smile:

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