Business Plus Xero Offer

Hi, how does one go about claiming this Xero offer with a Business Plus account?

I’ve synced with a Xero trial account from within the Monzo app and it claims to have synced 4 hours ago. Should I just go ahead and pay/upgrade the Xero account and hope for the best or is there a promotion code or something similar to indicate to Xero that I’m trialing them free for 6 months via Monzo Business Plus?

Not really clear from either of these:

Not clear from the Terms & Conditions link?

Monzo offer details

Offer available until 17 June 2020 for Monzo Business Pro customers who purchase a new Starter, Standard or Premium Xero subscription in the United Kingdom. Not available for accountants or bookkeepers who purchase a Xero subscription for their clients.

Offer includes a 100% discount to the price of the relevant Xero subscription (not including optional extras) for six months. One discounted subscription available per customer.

Your discounted Xero subscription commences on the date you sign up for a subscription and ends at midnight, six calendar months after your sign up date. You will be automatically billed the full price for your Xero subscription after the offer period ends.

This offer cannot be used in connection with any other offer and is subject to Xero’s Offer Details.

Not really I’m afraid. From

We’ve teamed up with this award-winning cloud accounting platform to give Monzo Business Pro customers a free six month Xero subscription, worth up to £180. Available until 17 September 2020 for new Xero customers. Terms apply.

So firstly is it 17/9 or 17/6? Then there’s the issue of process - the terms suggest purchase and hope for the best.

Best contact them thru the app then as we’re only customers like yourself in here.

Ok. Thanks for the Xero link with the 17/6 deadline. Would’ve been annoying thinking it’s 17/9 and then being charged!

It’s the link from the Monzo post in your first post - just click on the Terms hyperlink :wink: