Process for signing up to the 6 month Xero trial?

What’s the process for signing up to the Xero 6-month trial?

My business partner has opened and business account and signed up to Xero but when we login his Xero account it’s showing as a 30 day trial, not a 6 month one. Did he perhaps not follow the correct sign-up procedure or is there another step we need to take?

Did your partner click the link under “Offers” in the Monzo app, then click the offer? It’s goes to Xero’s website on the landing page for the 6 month offer - I believe you have to sign up there to claim it.

If your partner did, there’s a chance that the offer is instead applied somewhere as a discount. Xero generally has a poor UI, if you do a lot of digging under Xero’s account section, you might find somewhere a code has been applied.

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interested in learning more about this too; I signed up for a free 6m trial. After 1m I’ve gotten an email saying my free trial is due to expire…?

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I’d reach out to support on Xero + Monzo for confirmation.

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I think I know what’s going on now. When you initially sign up you get a 30 day free trial (unlimited). And then when you Subscribe to a plan a 6 month discount is applied.

So time it correctly and you’re actually getting a 7 month trial overall.

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ah - so when you purchase a yearly xero subscription you get 6m off at that point?