Business Accounts - More team members

My company has a Monzo Business Pro account and it’s working well. We currently have three team members, the maximum. (One director and two pub managers.)

It would be really useful for us to be able to have more team members. (In our case six: three directors and three pub managers, but other numbers will suit other businesses.)

Is this likely to be possible soon? I realise that the more team members there are, the more Monzo has to spend on issuing cards to them. We’d be happy to pay more than the current £5/month for this facility!

(For reference, our current workaround for the third pub manager to have a debit card is to pay £6/month plus transaction fees to Barclays for an additional current account. It’s not ideal! The other two directors don’t have business debit cards; they use personal cards and we pay them back by bank transfer whenever they make a company purchase, which is also not ideal.)

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