Invite your accoutant

Hello, I’ve been invited as an accountant to one of my client’s business bank account but when I accept the invite Monzo says that I am already a member of 3 business accounts. Does anybody know if there is another way to be added as a team member? I’m recommending Monzo to my clients for different reasons and this one is one of them as it helps with the bank reconciliation and so on. Thank you

It’s a maximum of three.

Being added to a maximum of three accounts as an accountant seems very restrictive, especially since accountants recommending Monzo Business to their clients would be a great way to gain organic growth.

@kocca987 consider suggesting this restriction be removed for accountants in the in-app chat.

thanks for the info, I will now contact them in the in-app chat

I would suggest @nick_f might be a suitable person to get you to the right person