Bump to pay

Me and my partners brother were messing about features we’d want to be able to use on our banking apps. One very innovative idea we suggested was bump to pay?? Was thinking this could be implemented provided both users we’re on the pay screen for security. Might be a novelty feature what you think? Similar to the old Bump app that used to be on Gen 1 Smart phones

Sounds like similar functionality to Monzo’s Nearby Friends feature:

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I like this idea. There’s something tactile and visceral about simply tapping a couple of phones!

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It’s all fun and games til someone drunkenly smashes their screen


This could have been a thing if Google hadn’t done their usual crap.

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A new monzo idea, not sure if previously mentioned, or possible…

When I’m the monzo app, and someone else is beside me on the monzo app, you can touch phones (Or smack) together, and be instantly shown the other users information (Name, Bank Details, Transfer History)

Inside the options:
Smack Pay (On/Off)

  • Show Name (On/Off)
  • Show Bank Details (On/Off)
  • Show Amount Transfer History (From You)

Can’t say I’m keen on the name or the concept of ‘smacking’ phones together if I’m honest. Obviously you wouldn’t literally, but it has quite an aggressive connotation.


Could work a business model - smack your phones and then buy Monzo Plus with phone insurance


This was suggested a couple of months ago with a different name, can’t find it now though :cold_sweat:

Edit: got it

Merged as they’re similar

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