Don't cut off notes on multiple lines in the feed

Sorry if this has already been highlighted.

Does anyone else find it annoying that notes you put against transactions get cut super short in the timeline view if you enter more than one line?

In the attached image are two transactions, one with the note;

:syringe: Superglue and other bits”

Which is displayed in full. The other has the note;

:fuelpump: Petrol
and stuff”

Which is displayed as;

:fuelpump: Petr…”

Can we not have the full first line displayed? Clearly the length of it isn’t an issue… This would be useful for adding extra detail in notes when necessary, without losing the detail in the timeline view.

I also find this really annoying - the first line of notes on multiple lines should be shown in full.


Is that because if the first line was shown in full it might not be obvious a second line was available ?

I guess Monzo could show as much of the first line as they can then have the “…” to show that there’s another line.

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