Monzo for Android - Release Notes (v1.20.0)

Hello everyone :wave:

Statements! Golden tickets! Helpful help! The latest Android release is full of lots of helpful things to help you get the most out of Monzo.

Here’s the release notes.

We’re making a (bank) statement. Find downloadable bank statements in your Spending tab now! Get them by month or go wild & pick a date range.


Golden Tickets are back! Look out for a banner in Payments & decide which friend you like best.

Help now lives in the 5th tab in your homescreen (it’s making way for something to set pulses racing).

And help is more helpful. Now help pages link directly to relevant bits of the app.

Plus we’ve squashed bugs & generally spruced the place up.


Please share your feedback below :heart:


Hey! :slight_smile: Happy days!

‘Pick a date range’ sounds like I can say ‘15th November to 15th December’, however the only export choices are still ‘everything’ or ‘December’.

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With the unfortunate demise of the hamburger menu we face a future with an app severely hampered by a big graph taking up the top of the screen and a bulky menu across the bottom meaning the most important bit the account ledger is greatly restricted.


but, but, but aren’t we all running Pixel2 XLs?


Bank statement generation keeps failing

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It is on iOS as well…just reported to customer chat and they said they are looking at it but might be a couple of days

Monzo people - is this a deliberate design choice based on flagship smartphones changing from 9:16 to a 1:2 aspect ratio?


spend today doesn’t work now used my card since update and it still shows £0.00 spend today anyone else notice this

Still no fingerprint authentication on the android app?

Honestly it feels like a couple steps backwards for the Android app. I have to ask why try to fix what isn’t broken? In my opinion the Monzo app needed more in the Left Menu, not to remove it completely.


Scroll down to your wanted month and then click on export.

How do we check our version these days?

Accounts tab, click the cog at the top, then scroll to the bottom…

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Or if you’re using nova launcher just long press the app and go to app info (rather than going to the whole settings > apps).
I still haven’t got the new version though!

Wow, just got this update. So much vertical space on the home screen now taken up by things other than the transaction list. Definitely feels like a step backwards.

Also, is there a way to get rid of the golden ticket banner in the payments tab? It’s a bit obnoxious


The new Android app (1.21.0) is rolling out now!

Share your feedback here.