Full name can contain newlines when it shouldn't

Issue: Recipient’s full name should never have a newline character, but somehow it could…

Details to reproduce:

In the money transfer UI, I pasted a text copied from another app into the “Full Name” field. Even though the field shows only one line of text, if you pasted in multiple lines of text, it accepts it just fine. Even worse, it retains all the newlines into at least 1) the confirmation of payment system (in my case, the app failed to validate the NatWest account) 2) upon successful transfer, the whole text is retained as the recipient’s name throughout the UIs.

OS: Android
Device: Pixel 7 Pro
App Version: 5.72.0


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This looks to be Android only, I can’t reproduce this in iOS.

I have reproduced this on Android. Name and Reference can both have newline

Monzo Version: 5.72.0
Pixel 6 on Android 14