[Bug] Shared Tab - Cannot open tab with specific individuals

Issue: I am unable to open shared tabs with specific individuals. When I try with just that individual, I am presented with a message saying that “Participants must be unique”. If I create a tab with a non-affected user, and then try to add the affected user I get a different message that says “Unable to add user to shared tab”.

The user in question only appears once on my list of contacts. Also, when another person adds the affected individual to the tab I created, they succeed in adding the user.

I have narrowed down the issue to only those contacts the user currently has favourited.

Details to reproduce: Open a shared tab with a contact the user has favourited.
OS: 14.4
Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max
App Version: 3.69.0 #714


Hey @Andrew-Machen ,

Thanks for the bug report, this should be fixed in the next release!
In the meantime, if you remove the contact from your favourites you should be able to add them to a shared tab. :slight_smile: