Shared tab user ‘not unique’

When I try to create a shared tab with my partner it says it can’t be done because the ‘user must be unique’. I’m not sure what this means. Is it because I have a joint account with him already? We’ve used shared tabs in the past for things we pay for out of our personal accounts- did this feature get removed?

It’s still a feature and what you’re describing sounds a bit odd.

First step whenever weird things like this happens is to reinstall the app.

  • Delete the app
  • Restart your phone
  • Reinstall the app

Give that a go and see if that fixes it :crossed_fingers:

Thank you!

Hi there! I’m having the same issue! I already have a couple of tabs with this person, but deleting the app and restarting my phone hasn’t worked… are there any other ways to fix this?

Maybe it’s the same problem as this? [Bug] Shared Tab - Cannot open tab with specific individuals