Bug. Sending payment to Monzo user ALWAYS allocates to general?

(Alex Lord) #1

I don’t know why (I am 90% sure it worked fine before), but if I send payments to wife’s account (also monzo) and select payment category it ignores my selection, and posts as a general spend.

I then have to go to my transaction list select, and categorise it a second time there.

Is this just me?

(Android current account holder)

(Ian Lyon) #2

This is something we’re aware of and we’re working to make this a better experience :slightly_smiling_face:

The bold @HughWells gave a fantastic description of the issue :point_down:

(Frank) #3

So this is a bug for faster payments including to Monzo accounts via friends (not entering account details)?

I have the same issue on iOS.

(Frank) #4

Also that mentions when you receive a push notification but I do not receive one when sending a faster payment? :man_shrugging:t2:

(Andre Borie) #5

On iOS push notifications are dispatched to the app if it’s open, which presumably just refreshes the feed behind the scenes. If you send a payment and exit the app instantly after, you’d see the push notification. :wink:

(Alex Lord) #6

My wife was, and is a monzo customer. I’m sending it to monzo contact rather than entering bank details.

It would explain why I thought it worked before though, it probably did, it’s just we’ve both become monzo CA holders, so it’s been swapped to a faster payment in the background now I’m presuming, introducing the bug to the payment process.

(system) #7

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