[iOS] Golden Ticket Promotion Appears Every Time I Open the App


Open the app, either from scratch or from the background and the “Golden Tickets are great,
£5 for free is better” promotion is pushed into the navigation stack every single time.

Presuming this is a bug. If not, it’s a tad aggressive don’t you think?!

Details to reproduce:

Open the app.


iOS 12.1.4


iPhone 6s Plus

App Version:



Have you tried removing and reinstalling the app?

I’ve not heard of anyone else mentioning this so it appears that the app on your phone has got itself stuck in a bit of a loop. :crazy_face:


I have, deleting and reinstalling doesn’t solve the problem.

Apps don’t tend to get themselves stuck in loops, it’s code that does that :stuck_out_tongue:


The app is the code but the code is the app :exploding_head:

Try turning off marketing preferences in your settings - I had the same annoyance with something a while back (I forget what) and this solved it!

It doesn’t explicitly mention it, but I reckon it’s worth a try!

Thanks for the suggestion - have turned off news and updates but it’s still happening unfortunately!